Keep your Data Safe

We use bank level security so you don't have to worry

We encrypt all data that flows between us using industry-standard, bank level security, protecting your personal and financial data.

ISO 27001 certification
Cryptographic Encryption
Transport Layer Security
AES-256 encryption
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You Control Access

Don't stress over privacy, you choose who sees what

You control who you invite into your portfolio and can limit their access privileges to collaborate on your data.

Set Privileges
Audit Trail
Multiple users
Specify Properties
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Back Up Your Files

Never lose your important files again

If your computer is broken, lost or stolen, your data and files are all online; and can be accessed from any computer with an internet connection.

Cloud Storage
Access Anywhere
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Here’s what you get:

Track Income & Expenses

No more spreadsheets or expensive accounting software. Keep track of your rent, mortgage, insurance payments & more.

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Automate Accounting & Reports

Save money at tax time by preparing your finances with one-click reporting, so your accountant doesn't have to.

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Budget & Analyze your Properties

Make smart investments by analyzing how income, expenses and new properties affect your cashflow and performance.

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Keep your Data Secure

We encrypt all data that flows between us using bank level security to protect your data.

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Invite Multiple Users

Invite multiple users to access your account and control their access privileges. e.g an accountant.

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Unlimited Cloud Storage

Never lose your important documents and access them from any computer with internet.

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The fast & hassle-free way to be ready for tax time!

Simply sign up, automate your finances & send your accountant instant reports.

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