How Kitt Works

Don't settle for useless and unintuitive software to run your real estate investments. Kitt keeps you on track and informed through a beautiful and easy to use platform.

Getting Started

Getting started is easy, all the tools you'll need to start are ready right after you sign up.

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Add Your Data

Adding your real estate data is simple. Whether it's historical data or things you know will happen in the future.


Connect Banks

Connecting your banks is easy. Kitt links directly to your online banking allowing you to automatically sync your bank statements directly in Kitt. Meaning your upto date always on your recent transactions.


Setup Invoices & Bills

Any other income streams or expenses can easily be added, either as one off statements or recurring ones. This helps you automate your income and expense streams.

Analysis & Budgeting

Plan for the future but know where your at currently with advanced budgeting and analysis tools and features.


Stay Informed

Kitt keeps your expenses and income streams tracked in automatically and shows you how everything breaks down.


Stay Focused

Budgeting for everything is important, and Kitt makes it easy and visual, so you know when your on track or off target.


Collaboration is key, and keeping your advisors informed with your portfolio is important for decision making.

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Transfer, Send & Organise

Your files, your portfolio and your data is kept neat and organised so you don't have to worry about handing over stacks of paper or confusing spreadsheets.

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