Core Features

Kitt's packed with the right tools for your Real Estate business. Powerful, yet simple features for high-level real estate asset management

Intuitive Software for the Astute Investor

Wherever your properties are located, Kitt is with you. It's cloud-based, and ready so long as there is an internet connection available.

Analysis & Insights

With Kitt you have access to the best data available for you as a Real Estate Investor, data that is actionable and informative to you and your properties.

Simple Budgeting Tools
Real Estate Market Analysis
In-depth Portfolio Insights
Prescriptive Suggestions


Real Estate requires a specific accounting & bookkeeping toolkit. Kitt's here to make that happen, and make it simple. Manage your accounts accross multiple portfolios, and run reports from the top, all the way down to a single property or lease.

Automated Invoicing
Swift Reconciliation
Full Journal & Ledger
Multiple Portfolio Support
Advanced Reporting
Connections to 3000+ Banks


We think it's important for you to be able to share your portfolio to your team, those who matter the most. Whether that's your accountant, broker, spouse or partner Kitt makes it easy with multiple account support for seamless data sharing.

Add Multiple Users & Accounts
All The Data In One Place
Share Files, Insights & Workload
Make Tax Season A Breeze

Impressive Accounting

Unlike other accounting packages, Kitt was built from the ground up for Real Estate, and not just for keeping track of payments, but for helping you reduce pitfalls and focus on growth with your portfolio

Automated Invoicing

Simplify invoices and bills by automating how they're made and when they're needed, whether it's a single expense, an insurance payment or your tenants rent.

Swift Reconciliation

Spend less time figuring out which payments came from where, matching payments is both automatic and simple.

Connections to 3000+ Banks

Import less statements, and connect directly to your online banking. We use bank-level security so your data is safe, always.

money 13
14th Sep 2018
143 Rent
15th Sep 2018
money 13
Allocate Income find Match
Owed Rent
1st Aug 2018
money 13
Allocate Income find Match
29th Jul 2018
- $234.00
ANZ Banking Group

Last Updated: 31/08/2018, 2:21 am

Online Account

Bank Level Security

We employ state of the art security practices meeting the highest standards set by leading financial institutions. Confidentiality of customers' data is our top priority.

Rental Income 5,319.00
Other Income 20.00
Total Income
Less Expenses
Rates 3,240.00
Repairs and Maintenance 200.00
Interest (10.00)
Insurance (66,290.00)
Utilities 0.00
Total Expenses
Net Profit

Simple Reporting & Analysis

Profit Loss, Balance Sheets & More

Generating the reports you need is simple and as specific as you need them to be. Report accross your entire portfolio right down to a single property or lease.

Smart Analysis & Insights

Dive deeper into how your portfolio is performing with Analysis & Insights tools built to help your portfolio perform at its best.

Journals & Ledger

Make the end of the business year hassle free. Kitt keeps a full audit trail with it's in-depth journal and ledger system.

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